Accelerated Life Testing

Partner Roadmap

Our Partner Roadmap for Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) is a comprehensive testing plan that assesses your product from design intent through to final test results reporting.

Product Opportunity

  1. Understanding your company and product needs: The first stage allows us to understand the needs of your company and the product you are keen to test, and for you to understand the mission and capabilities of the Living Lab team.
  2. Open communication: Secondly, signing a non-disclosure agreement so that you can communicate details with us in confidence.
  3. Understanding your product: Thirdly, for us to understand in detail what your product does, its functional specifications and the environment in which it will be deployed.
  4. Forming a collaboration team: We will form a joint team to work on developing the test procedures. This is done in a collaborative, online environment enabling ease of communication between team members. Once drafted the test procedures are approved and executed, results are rapidly shared with the team members and a final report is co-drafted by the team.

Function and Safety Standards

Your functional requirements and anticipated operating conditions will determine the nature of the accelerated life tests to be conducted. Where you have Standards you need to meet, we will ask you to share these with us, and we can also access Australian and International Standards. There are several standards for testing such as vibration, UV and ingress protection standards that are referenced by companies throughout Australia. For ease of access we have made some of these available here.

Accelerated Life Tests

Some of the processes we have developed thus far is shown here or below.

Accelerated Life Test Trial Proposal

This proposal is co-developed by the team and your company, and broadly covers:

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