Ingress Protection Testing (Water)

What is It?

A range of tests to validate your products IP rating. The ingress of water (‘leaking’) into a device poses a major risk to the long-term function of a piece of equipment, particularly if it is kept outside for sustained periods.

Equipment Involved

The Living Lab has a purpose-built ingress protection test system. This comprises a one metre-deep clear acrylic tank, water hose, and mounting attachment. It is capable of testing from IPX1 to IPX7; the equivalent of light splashes to full submersion at depth. The unit is located in the university’s hydrology laboratory allowing tests to be carried out quickly and effectively.


A typical test procedure for ingress protection testing (water) as carried out by the Living Lab is as follows:
  • Remove any electronic components from within the container being tested (if practical)
  • Prepare the sample as per client instructions. The sample should be as close to room temperature as possible to reduce condensation inside the container
  • Mount the device onto the short backing plate and use the hose to spray the sample. Use flow rate and direction as indicated in the IPX1-IPX6 standard being tested for
  • Open the device and visually inspect for the ingress of water. Record any ingress, dry the sample and repeat test as needed
  • Replace the backing plate with the longer version. This will allow the sample to be submerged in the tank to a depth of one metre.
  • As per IPX7, submerge the sample at a one metre depth for 30 minutes. Open the device and inspect for water ingress.


This Living Lab team consulted Chapters 11 and 14 of AS 60529-2004 when designing this test. The test is limited to a fresh - water environment with a maximum rating of IPX7(temporary submersion at one metre depth).If the device is expected to be used at depths greater than one metre an alternate rig can be used.

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