Comparing the Performance of MEMS IoT with Conventional Piezoelectric Vibration Sensor

If you have an IoT sensor, you are keen to know how it performs and compares with other sensors. The System Health Lab has a BlueBox device with an IoT accelerometer package that measures vibration for machine condition monitoring. For this case, we compared our BlueBox with SlamStick and conventional piezoelectric vibration measurement systems. We then used the UWA facilities and equipment to conduct a trial, which included use of vibration shakers to get a better understanding of the device in a controlled environment. We used fans and pumps to determine how the BlueBox performs against other vibration measurement devices.

We found that our BlueBox device can obtain similar results to the commercially available devices when used in vibration shakers and fans. Furthermore, we can safely induce machine defects and detect it with your IoT sensor.

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