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From 2020-2022 a team of engineers in the System Health Lab at UWA developed and executed Accelerated Life Tests for MEM-IoT products. This work was funded by METS Ignited and the BHP Fellowship and supported by the UWA Workshop and Facilities Management. This website captures information about the project as a record of what was done and the work-integrated learning opportunity provided to the students that participated. We hope this will inspire other universities to leverage their equipment, technical workshop staff and students for similar puporse to help other Australian innovators to de-risk their MEMS-IOT products.

About Us

The Living Lab @UWA is a team of engineers equipped to help innovators test and prepare products for trial to resources company customers.
In 2018, METS Ignited, the Australian Industry Growth Centre for Mining Equipment, Technology and Services, issued a call for interest to develop real or near real-world testing environments to form a network of “Living Labs” across Australia. Supported by METS Ignited, BHP Fellowship, UWA and CORE Innovation Hub, the Living Lab @UWA is the first of these.
The Living Lab is run by engineers, coders and project managers from UWA System Health Lab (SHL), CORE Innovation Hub and UWA Facilities Management.
We accelerate your path to market for IoT-related products by providing Accelerated Life Testing and a real-life trials. We design, build and execute bespoke testing equipment and tests to try and fail your products by generating realistic failure modes in an accelerated time scale. We have procedures and legal agreement templates to enable testing and can help you deploy them.

Our Partners

METS Ignited
System Health Lab
University of Western Australia
Core Innovation Hub

Accelerated Life Testing

Accelerated aging and testing is used to simulate product failure in an accelerated time frame, ideally before the products are in the marketplace. Traditionally, it uses exaggerated environmental conditions to speed up the aging processes using a standardised test methodology.
The Living Lab has access to a wide range of specialist testing equipment on the UWA campuses as well as the ability to design or repurpose equipment for specific accelerated life trials for your product. Check out the types of accelerated life testing we do.
Check out the types of accelerated testing we do.

Derisking Site Trials

Innovators often find it difficult to access sites to validate results and resources companies are averse to trialling or introducing innovation without proven results. In startup terms, this is called the “Valley of Death”. Our mission is to help bridge this gap.
Following extensive consultation with industry, small and medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, we have developed a Partner Roadmap with checklists and physical tests to help derisk your first site trial.

Our Work

Watch this video for an example of the type of testing we can set up for you and your MEMS-IoT based sensing system.

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We have a proven track record of designing testing equipment and tests. By sharing our highly developed systems and processes with innovators we’re perfectly placed to support WA-based businesses.